Fiesta at Siesta Suites

We’re 110 days out from our dive trip and today we booked a hotel for our 3 night stay in Cabo San Lucas. When a trip is so far away you have to break up the planning and booking process into smaller steps so you always have something to look forward to and get excited about! (Or maybe its just me??) We’re staying at the Siesta Suites which is just a few blocks away from the Marina where, conveniently, our dive shop is located (not to mention where our boat for the Socorro Islands will be waiting for us on the 5th). We found the hotel using and then got a great ‘walk-by’ review from my friends Colin & Michelle who have been to Cabo many times and ensured us the place is completely adorable. It has only 20 rooms but it does have a poolside bar…and let’s face it…quick access to a cerveza is a must-have. Trip Advisor rates it #16 out of 66 Cabo area hotels and the reviews are all great. All that aside the best part is the price – room with a kitchenette and free Wi-Fi for…drum roll please…$49.94/night!



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