T Minus 85 Days & Cenote Sneak Peak

There are now only 85 days too many between me and the dive trip. I’ve discovered I’ll go absolutely crazy with anticipation if I monitor this number too closely but every now and then I can’t resist checking to see how much it has shrunk. To help pass the time, Warren and I recently booked our hotel for our 2 night stop-over in Playa Del Carmen. We’ll be staying at the Kinbe Hotel, which just happens to be located smack between the beach and lively 5th Avenue (coincidence? not so much actually). And here’s a tip for you – expedia has better rates than travelocity. My travel-savy IQ is on the rise! Kinbe is another small boutique hotel much like Siesta Suites in Cabo but this time it doesn’t include the free breakfast and is a bit pricier. We’re blaming that on the fact that Playa is much more touristy than Cabo and also because the location is so close to 5th Avenue. When you only have 2 nights to spend somewhere, might as well stay where all the action is!

We’ll be spending our only full day in the area exploring nearby cenotes – those natural sinkholes found all over the Mayan Riviera that I mentioned earlier. Warren found us a dive company (check it out: http://www.cenotexperience.com.mx/) that reviews very highly on Trip Advisor and offers 3 cenote dives in a day for $170 USD. That’ll include transportation, guided dives, tanks/weights as well as lunch and drinks during the surface intervals (not alcoholic drinks mind you, lest we become sunbathers instead of divers!). I spent some time reading up on cenotes this week and I’m getting very excited for this portion of the trip! Cenotes are basically huge caverns – the zone near a cave system entrance where the light still penetrates but where there is an overhead environment (meaning there is no longer direct access to the surface). We’ll be following lines so we don’t get lost, will definitely have torches (dive lights) with us and its sure to be an excellent chance to practice and fine tune my buoyancy skills. Cavern diving is entirely new to me but I’m excited to give it a try and Warren keeps telling me how amazing it is. I have no idea how accurate this is, but I’m imagining it will be something like a long series of complex swim throughs in amazingly clear water…its hard to visualize something so entirely different than anything you’ve experienced before though. One of the cenotes we’d like to dive is called Dos Ojos (Spanish for two eyes) and its one of the top 10 longest underwater cave systems in the world and also contains the deepest known cave passage in Quintana Roo at 396ft called The Pit. Dos Ojos was featured in the IMAX film Journey Into Amazing Caves and was also where some of the movie The Cave was filmed…

Yeah. That’s super reassuring…

There’s also a bat cave for divers to check out, just in case we feel like having hundreds of small black creatures swooping around our heads (and we just might). We’re also talking about diving Taj Mahal – and you just know that with a name that epic its sure to be an incredible sight! From what I’ve read the highlight of that system is the Points of Light chamber where, if you’ve timed it just right and the sun is directly overhead, you’ll see 3 huge beams of light piercing through holes in the ceiling illuminating all of the formations below. Sounds appropriately epic to me. 85 days will totally fly by…right?!?


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