What it means to travel with an engineer…

Remember Warren (boyfriend and dive buddy extraordinaire) from previous posts? As a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (or MSDT) he often has a totally different perspective on diving than I do as a newbie, though he definitely shares my passion for all things scuba. He also happens to take amazing pictures so I’ll be taking advantage of both his talent and his point of view every now and again by getting him to contribute to this blog. Basically, this blog now has its own resident dive pro. Sweet! So, read on for Warren’s first guest post!


Hi everyone!  So with this upcoming trip we’re undertaking, I got poking around on the Internet and found a neat little site that calculates distances for flights based on typical flight paths.  Well, as an engineer and a guy, I think something like this is pretty cool! (And let’s be honest, I can admit I’m a bit of a geek too).  I don’t know if anyone else does things like this, but I will neither confirm nor deny if I’ve done this before.

(If you want to play around with mapping your own flights, give it a try here: http://www.gcmap.com/)

Our flights that we’ve changed to ended up being fairly decent.  We fly from Edmonton (YEG) to Cayman Brac (CYB) via Toronto (YYZ) and Grand Cayman (GCM).  I’ve taken the red eye flight from YEG to YYZ before and let’s just say I’m not a huge fan of that flight and leave it at that.  Instead of taking the red eye, we’re going to have an overnight stay in Toronto.  It’s a nice way to break up the travel.

How much travel you ask? (at least I did).

To get to CYB, we will be traveling 5,579 km (3,465 miles).  Total flight time of 8 hrs 24 min. Not too shabby.  But this only gets us to Cayman Brac.

From CYB, we’re off to Cancun (CUN), but of course, there are no direct flights, so it’s back through GCM and then through Miami (MIA).  Total distance of 1,755 km (1090 miles)  Flight time of 3 hrs 45 min.

After our cenote diving, a ferry ride, lots of drift diving, a second ferry ride and a bus ride, we’ll be back at CUN for our first direct flight of 4,250 km (2,640 miles) bringing us home to YEG.  Flight time of 6 hrs 8 min.

For anyone keeping track, that’s a total of 11,584 km (7,195 miles) with a cumulative flight time of 18 hrs 17 min on 7 different planes. That’s a lot of miles in the air, but I’ll get to travel every one of them with a beautiful girl beside me and we’ll get to dive some pretty fantastic locations.  We’ll have more to share once we’ve covered some of those miles and logged some bottom time!


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