I <3 Ocean Sports

Happy (almost) New Year everyone! Hope you’re all ready for the challenges and adventures that await in 2012! First up for me is my very favorite adventure – the diving variety – and it starts in 3 days. My next post will be about some actual diving (finally). My intention when I started this blog was to use it as a glorified logbook but I’ve found I enjoy it so much that its been put to wider use. Writing about diving, traveling, training (and all of the planning and anticipation that goes along with the aforementioned diving and traveling) keeps me excited, energized, and even organized. I love sharing this passion for the ocean with all of you!

I’d also like to share this excellent website – the newly launched Blue Angel Scuba School where you can read more about the Cozumel Beach Clean-up event I’m involved in as well as all about the school. Take a peek folks. We got some exciting news yesterday about the clean-up too. My favorite local dive shop here in Edmonton, Ocean Sports, has sponsored our clean-up event by contributing mesh drawstring bags that we’ll be handing out to trip participants to take on the week’s diving. In addition to our afternoon beach outing we’re also going to be cleaning up the underwater world throughout our dives. The mesh bags are an excellent and easy way to pick up garbage when we see it, and they’re also easy to tuck away into a pocket until needed. This is a perfect example of why Ocean Sports is such an amazing place, they really go above and beyond your expectations!  THANK YOU OCEAN SPORTS!! The bags will be reused on other Atkins Scuba trips and Warren and I are planning to start using ours right away in Cayman Brac as well as everywhere else we go diving.

A truly awesome contribution from Ocean Sports!

Here’s the event poster I made too (exact beach and time are still to be determined):

our rockin’ flyer!

And now I’d like to leave you with this little gem – a clip from one of my favorite movies (Finding Nemo for those of you who’ve missed out)…just for kicks.


2 Comments on “I <3 Ocean Sports

  1. Amy! Happy New Year! I am still in Invermere with my family through the holidays, so it looks like this time we won’t cross paths:( Hope you have an amazing trip- it sounds incredible- and I look forward to reading the posts as they come! Take care and safe travels!

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