These are the moments


It was an absolutely beautiful morning today here in Cozumel. The sun was hot, the sea was calm and we had an incredible dive on Columbia Deep. On the back side of the wall we got treated to my all time favorite sight – the sun rays playing across the sand flats, as far as the eye can see. It was nearly meditative for me, nothing but the sound of my own breathing, the bubbles running past my face. Weightless and hovering off the bottom, sand trailing between my fingers. I love the way the light dances, the way the sand fades away into the deep blue horizon, the way the sun beams cut lines through the sea above. There is so much that I love about being underwater, but this remains one of my very favorite things to see. I’m always immediately awestruck by the beauty and peacefulness of it, stunned by the the sense of total calm it brings me. Its my zen moment :) So thankful to be here in this amazing place, surrounded by great friends and others who share my love of the sea. These are the moments I’ll remember forever.


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