Thailand Bound

Travel day is finally here! Tomorrow morning we’re off to the Land of Smiles. I’m so excited to be going somewhere so exotic, so far away, and so different from what I’ve always known! I am also a teeny tiny bit…scared. Its a healthy fear though, the kind you get when you’re about to jump outside of your comfort zone. So here we go!

We’re starting our adventure in Bangkok, after a 24 hour journey. We’ll spend a few days there getting over the jet lag and getting our bearings of the city. We’re definitely going to spend lots of time wandering around, cruise down the river, check out some temples and probably also visit Siam Ocean World (because where else would two fish geeks in a new country feel most at home without actually being underwater??). Next up is an early morning bus ride down to Chumphon to catch the ferry to Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand. We’ll be diving for about a week with Simple Life Divers then heading over to the neighboring island of Koh Samui for a couple days of relaxing before hopping another ferry, another bus, and then yet another ferry to cross the south of Thailand to the Andaman Sea side of things.

There on Koh Phi Phi we are welcoming our fabulous group from Ocean Sports for a week of local diving and then a live aboard in the Similan and Surin Islands! After that we all say our goodbyes to new friends and its off to Kaya beach Phuket for a couple days before flying back to Bangkok for our last day in Thailand.

I’m ready for beautiful beaches, smiling faces, new friends, spicy food, and, most importantly, lots of DIVING!! And to make it extra special, I’ll be celebrating my 100th dive too! I haven’t decided yet whether I’m bold enough to mark that occasion as scuba tradition calls for or not… Have you got a good 100th dive story to share? Tell us about it!

Cheers everyone!


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