Magic Mantas

During our stay at Misool Eco Resort in Raja Ampa Indonesia we had the great pleasure (for the first time ever!) of diving with manta rays! There is a magical place there called Magic Mountain (aptly named, for sure) that is an open water cleaning station for large pelagics. This is the only recorded place in the entire world where BOTH species of mantas (oceanics and reef) have been seen on a cleaning station AT THE SAME TIME. How cool is that?!? We saw lots of both species, and even spotted a super rare black manta ray. It was AMAZING. Like, amazing times infinity. We went back to Magic Mountain every day until the mantas had moved on, doing 4 dives there in all. And, because Misool is just super incredible, we also saw turtles, tuna, tons of sharks, and Napoleon wrasse there too. There was even a pod of dolphins in the distance we spotted from the boat, but sadly they didn’t get close enough to get a good look at.

Hope you enjoy a glimpse at these incredible, graceful, and inspiring creatures. My encounter with the mantas will forever be one of my favorite life experiences – it was so humbling to share the same space as these majestic animals. I had an incredible eye-to-eye moment with one, who got in nice and close to me and simply hovered there looking at me for what lasted only 5 seconds or so, but felt like an eternity. If only I’d had my camera then!!

After watching the video, please go check out my post about the Misool Manta Project here to learn more about mantas and the threats to their survival.


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