28 days till Taveuni

In 28 days from today we’ll be en route to Fiji, along with 22 excited customers, ready to explore the underwater world of the South Pacific. These trips have a way of sneaking up on me. Happens every time. People ask me for months and months in advance when my next trip is and I usually answer “oh not until insert-random-date-here, so its really too far away to get excited just yet”. And then, suddenly, its a few weeks away! I am very much looking forward to experiencing once again the warmth and friendliness of Polynesian culture, though Fiji is not a place I’ve been before. And, let’s be honest here, getting my super dry Alberta winter skin (trust me, its a thing) into the tropics is going to feel awfully nice too.


So, what will this trip look like?

On February 28th Warren and I will be meeting up with our trip people at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Our connection is through Vancouver, and then we’ve got a 10 hour layover in L.A., so we might rent a car and go wander Santa Monica for the day. Who knows. Our direct flight to Nadi (Fiji’s capital on the island of Suva) departs LAX at 10:30pm and is a whopping 11 hours long. Yikes. In economy class. Double yikes.


We land early in the morning of March 2nd in Nadi, due to losing a day by crossing the international date line. March 1st basically never happened for us. Cool, eh? Half of us will then be heading straight to the Garden Island Resort on the smaller island of Taveuni and the other half will be spending a few hours at a day hotel waiting for the second flight. We are such a large group that we need 2 planes! Our diving begins the next day.

After our time on Taveuni is over we’re all heading back to Nadi and from there several of our guests are heading on to New Zealand and/or Australia to extend their trips even further. New Zealand is only a 4 hour flight away…why not! Super excited for those guys, its going to be one heck of a trip! Others are headed back home and a few are staying on in another part of Fiji for some R&R.

Warren and I are also staying on for a bit. After a night in Nadi to ensure no one has any issues with their departing flights, we’ll be taking the Fiji Flyer (a high speed catamaran ferry) into the Yasawa Islands. We’re staying at the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort on the island of Nacula for 7 nights. There is also diving there so we’ll likely be underwater a fair bit (figures), but what I’m REALLY excited for…is the stand up paddle boards! I haven’t been on a board since our honeymoon in Indonesia and I absolutely love SUP! I suspect we’ll need the opportunity to relax after the business of running a large group trip!

Nacula Island in the Yasawas

Nacula Island in the Yasawas

If you’ve been diving in Fiji before, I’d love to hear about!


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