Here, in alphabetical order, are all the places I’ve been scuba diving and written about on Travel. Explore. Dive! with links to corresponding blog posts.


Cayman Brac

Justifiable Homicide…of Lion Fish that is

Its a diver’s life for me!

What’s a minute between friends?


The Next Big Adventure

28 days till Taveuni

Ocean Sports in Fiji

Fiji 2015 – Video



Tough Call



Critter Hunting in Lembeh

Lembeh’s Dirty Side

Diving Lembeh Video

Coconut Octopus Video

Magic Mantas Video

Misool Eco Resort

Diving Raja Ampat Video

The Misool Manta Project


I <3 Ocean Sports

Moon Diver

Hide & Seek…In the Dark!

Take only pictures, Kill only time, Leave only bubbles

The Cozumel Beach Clean-Up

Self Improvement Week…Scuba Style

These are the moments

Self Improvement Week…Evaluation

Spreading the Scuba Bug


Destination Thailand

Thailand Bound

2 Days in Bangkok

Turtle Island (Koh Tao)

Koh Phi Phi

Ocean Sports does Thailand…Part 1

Ocean Sports does Thailand…Part 2


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