Here are the posts, in chronological order, about the scuba diving lessons I’ve learned along the way, with links to the corresponding blog posts.


Exceeding my No Decompression Time…oops!

My 1st decompression penalty for my distracted diving

Bad Behavior Underwater

What NOT to do on a dive, and what to do about it when you see it

Beach Clean Up & Reality Check

Hard realizations on the reality of the ocean debris problem

Self Improvement 1

How I keep growing as a diver, without taking a course

Self Improvement 2

Evaluation of my personal growth goals

Coping Skills to the Test

My 1st equipment failure underwater

Sometimes the best dive is the one you don’t make

Deciding to end a dive during a descent

More on Marine Debris

Turning every dive into a clean up dive

What is the Misool Manta Project?

Learning about mantas and the threats to their survival


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