Spinner dolphins!

This video was shot by Dave Leeworthy, one of our Fiji people. Turns out, the bow of the boat is the place to be when dolphins are spotted…lesson learned! Thanks Dave for the AWESOME video!!

Video of our group trip to Fiji!

Filmed in Taveuni, Fiji, at the Garden Island Resort on my 3+ GoPro black with pictures from Warren McKay.

Baby Blacktips!

Filmed this at Misool Eco Resort in Raja Ampat Indonesia. The resort is built around a beautiful lagoon that just so happens to be a blacktip shark nursery. It was full of baby sharks! We spent hours and hours swimming and snorkeling around in there searching them out and watching in awe. Awesome!!

Flamboyant Cuttlefish

Found this little guy in the Lembeh Strait, Indonesia. Curiouser and curiouser!

Green Moray Eel

We found this guy out for a swim while diving Chankanaab Shallows in Cozumel, Mexico. I took this video right after a tense moment where both Kari and Warren inadvertently cornered him and he gave them a look that clearly said “which one of you am I going to bite first?” They both backed off and he made his exit, no puncture injuries necessary!

Flirty Turtle

Remember that wonderful turtle encounter I described in this post? Here’s the video!

Lion Fish Kill

Check out this post to find out why our dive master was killing lion fish.

Black Tip Reef Shark

SHARK! Nothing gets your heart beating like seeing one of these guys come swooping in! Read about our encounter here.

El Diablo

On our last night in Cozumel we went out for dinner with Kari & Matthew and after putting a pretty big dent in an obscenely large margarita I was, understandably, more than a little bit drunk. The commentary in the background is me… Here’s Kari partying like a rock star! These shots are called El Diablo, also known as flaming xtabentun. Drink the xtabentun/tequila shot with a straw (the glass will burn your lips!) then sip the fumes from the bottom of the top glass. The shot was actually a bit tasty…the fumes not so much!


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